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The DOS version

The original program was a DOS game I've written for experimental purposes. „DOS“ was standing for „Disk Operating System“ und was Microsofts first published operating system. Under Windows, DOS programmes does only work under special requirements. Under Windows XP you have good chances to run the program. Windows 7 and higher, especially the 64-Bit-Versions, are not able to run 16-Bit-DOS-Programmes anymore.

Anyway: You can download the original version of the game on this page.

The program can create a free dimensioned, random maze. After this you can control a coloured square through that maze to find a way out. If the NPC is finding the way earlier, you've lost. The difficulty is much more to find a solution. You may give up anytime and let the computer show you a possible way.

There is no english language support. The competition is over, so please don't send winner codes to me anymore. And please: Don't expect nice graphics or something like that, it's just a simple DOS program. But if you enjoy solving mazes, you might have fun with it.

System minimum requirements:

  • DOS compatible OS
    (see further notes on this page)