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The Game

Of course there are more funny, more exciting and full of action games out there, but „Maze of Surrender“ makes addictive – and it's for free! :-)

„Maze of Surrender“ is a maze game, designed for Windows systems. First, it was just a simple experiment. Later it became a simple DOS program. Now the project has it's own name: „Maze of Surrender“ – and it's a real computer game.

The simple goal of this game is to find the way out of a maze in the shortest possible time. The special: The maze has been randomly drawn by the computer. Therefore it might theoretically extend to any dimension. Do you accept the challenge? Can you deal with hopeless situations? Or do you surrender?

„Blindingly easy!“ ...that may be the best description for the first few levels. The fascination is the way itself: Get the next level! You'll start in the simplest level of complexity but soon it's becoming more and more complicated.

You'll have the option to save the game and continue another time.

Make your entry in the Hall of Fame! You may synchronize the whole Highscore table with the internet. Look at „Highscore“. The complexity level decides on the rank and the needed time on the other side.

The one who gives up anyway can take a look at a possible solution. The computer is calculating a way from start position to goal. It's interesting to keep track of this process – especially at higher levels. The speed is heavily dependending on your CPU's power.